big chair


drift/research from the human mold project


One big block, four legs and four arms sticking out of it. Nothing else.

A lunar ground covered by small rocks and dirty sand stretches as far as the eye can see.


There is no wind and no sound.


Suddenly, a voice escapes the lonely structure. 


- How are you feeling today?


No answer.


- Hey, how are you feeling today?


An answer: no answer.


- Uncomfortable right? Me too.


After 5 minutes without a noise, a new voice escapes the block.


+ I am comfortable today.


- Comfortable you say? Well, I am not.


+ You have never been comfortable.




- My parents always said…

I don’t remember. It had something to do with being comfortable or not within the block.


+ Well, we are inside; everything is fine.


Short silence


- Our left foot itches. 


+ Yours or mine?


- Yours.

+ What do you want me to do? You know I can’t scratch it.


- I know. But it itches.




- If only we could change positions. I would love to try yours.


+ It never worked like that.


- I know. I like to fantasize sometimes. ¨Think out of the box¨, that’s what they always say.


+ No, we are the box.