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As humans we build objects based on ourselves. 

Our body is the common measure of construction and we create everything in relation to it.

We could think that we are total masters of what we create. That the static world we construct has no power and obeys our every need.

And yet, the relation between us and our objects is far from one sided.


We build the couch so that we may sit on it.

And just like that, the couch has now the power to force us into a sitting position. It will twist us in a certain way; both legs bent, back resting behind, and feet on the ground. 


So who was first? 

The couch, the human who built it, or the human who sits in it?


Human Mold aims to dive fully into that relation. 

Here, the process of making is based on the human body as the mold of its own creation. By doing so, we become the object before even building it. We enter the world of the static in order to build the static. We freeze a moment, a body, so that the object serves the exact purpose it was built for.  

All in all, an honest circle of creation in which the body feeds the object as much as the object feeds the body.

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