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circling circles publication


Circling Circles aims to be a modern ritualistic practice native to the Van Gogh National Park. 

It is an invitation to own our environment, creating a common vocabulary through the action of leaving traces.

The concept is simple; if you find yourself in a place you believe to be beautiful, take the time to build a circle on that location using only materials you find around you. It can be leaves, sticks, or rocks. It can take an hour or a minute. It can be drawn or built. It can be anything as long as it is made on the spot with nothing more than what is already there waiting for you.


We live in a world full of human traces.  

But these circles are not like all traces; they carry a meaning. 

They embody the conscious choice of an individual to own his environment in a very specific spot.


These circles aim to become a common symbol within the park, a way to show and share your presence. It encourages a deeper connection to the environment through the action of making as well a shared ritual, living outside as well as online through a simple sharing system.


The digital archive becomes a guide for all to participate, it links all circles together into a common contemplation of beautiful spots. 

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